Finding White Space™, a research effort to help brands benchmark competitive marketing content to better understand their own differentiation, debuts today.  It allows clients to define a segment in their own way.  Data on approximately 100 dimensions of content, from word counts to visual scale, are collected for each competitor. It is designed to answer questions like:

Is our work unique?

Is it consistent across mediums? 

Is it consistent across time? 

Is the product content consistent with the brand promise?

Who are we most like? Unlike? 

It is the first effort of The CARLAB, who has helped transportation clients create some of their most successful vehicles; Broadside Studios, a design strategy agency, whose core focus is to provide direction on the future of design; and Campbell Partners, a management consultancy focused on marketing.

A truly unique research initiative that combines product, design and marketing.

Finding White Space™ subscriptions are available for each market segment, and allow for some degree of client customization.

For more details, please contact Bernard Campbell at